DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)
Ravisha Raghavan
Ravisha Raghavan 13 timer siden
It's a nice idea. I hope someday i'll have a car (muscle car i hope) and put something like that..🙏🙏🙏
james the killer
james the killer 13 timer siden
7/8 is 17mm
Nerd Rider
Nerd Rider 14 timer siden
Looking at the fuel tank this should be called the Chevy Melter.
Paulie 14 timer siden
Where is the turbo build 🤨
asterisp 14 timer siden
Dream Car: Audi SQ8
timti gamer
timti gamer 14 timer siden
I love this car
Kent Fitzgerald
Kent Fitzgerald 14 timer siden
Check engine light on... check
Nuve 14 timer siden
Recently someone keyed my car, I used your method. My car is a dark blue color (Audi Scuba blue) when I started so sand down the applied paint, it faded and the scratch came out as faded blue. I'm not sure if I did something wrong? anyone have any idea why? Is it the paint that I purchased or is it because of a dark color ?
Sorrynothing personal
Sorrynothing personal 14 timer siden
love this video
can can 1
can can 1 14 timer siden
Chrisfix have a mustache
Herbielover53 14 timer siden
I have always liked the first gen mustangs
Mashruf Anan
Mashruf Anan 14 timer siden
My dream car is a 1995 Toyota Sprinter Marino
GreenDragonBCF 14 timer siden
$500?! That's more expensive than a new iPhone!!!
Zane _38
Zane _38 14 timer siden
toyota supra mk4
Samy Castaneda
Samy Castaneda 14 timer siden
Ax. A.
AMV weeb
AMV weeb 14 timer siden
My dream car is maclaren p1
Syed Naqvi
Syed Naqvi 15 timer siden
Hi @chrisfix, I'm 13 years old and I love watching your videos. I can't get my own car at this age but I'm learning alot from you and so when I grow up, I'm going to buy my own car, repair and modify it. Thanks for the amazing content👍🏻😊
Shubh Bijawe
Shubh Bijawe 15 timer siden
Michael Iyamu
Michael Iyamu 15 timer siden
I wish I was like you your videos are very requesting
Michael Iyamu
Michael Iyamu 15 timer siden
I didnt know you can fix cars
Michael Iyamu
Michael Iyamu 15 timer siden
Your the best car fixer
Redneck Guy
Redneck Guy 15 timer siden
I am 12 and I am subscribe to him and watch all his vids so I know how to fix a car when it brakes
CC Chodkowski
CC Chodkowski 15 timer siden
I put one bottle in every month for a year. It ate up my rubber fuel lines and gave me fuel leaks that could have started a fire in my car. My rubber fuel lines were just falling apart leaking all over.
xXBigLadXx 15 timer siden
Not even old enough to own a car but still interesting
Naila Idris
Naila Idris 15 timer siden
My dream car is a mustang fastback premium
Roger Kidney
Roger Kidney 15 timer siden
Fabian Bondanza
Fabian Bondanza 15 timer siden
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the marti
the marti 15 timer siden
You are awesome kriss fix
No idea What's my name is
No idea What's my name is 15 timer siden
Follow this dude if you want to waste time and break your back
Akilesh Rawoo
Akilesh Rawoo 15 timer siden
So you are still liking comments after 3 years?🥺
i_Luv_Snickas Mohn
i_Luv_Snickas Mohn 16 timer siden
27:43 we luv jesus
Karpec 16 timer siden
The shape looks like Africa
Andrew Connelly
Andrew Connelly 16 timer siden
When you say soapy water. Can I use dish soap
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 16 timer siden
The learned cart equally reply because coal byerly help next a petite backbone. wrong, male catamaran
Argus 16 timer siden
POV Chris comes to buy a medium thread locker for one video: you: hello how can i help you Chris: i would like to get 500 medium thread lockers you: oh so you have a workshop Chris: no i will just repair one car, so see you next week
Aditya Ram
Aditya Ram 16 timer siden
Chris where did you learn to fix the cars??
Fadi Sayed
Fadi Sayed 16 timer siden
thanks for your help ❄️⛺️🏔👍
Nightlyprism 16 timer siden
my dream car is dodge demon
georgianborat 16 timer siden
That soapy water bottle sounds like a piggie.
Stathis Bikos
Stathis Bikos 16 timer siden
29:19 hommon hand tools. XD XD <3
Jay 16 timer siden
Stay Tuuunnnneeddddd!!!!!!!!!! lol
Miguel Maldonado
Miguel Maldonado 16 timer siden
Does it have to be shaving cream or gel?
NIGHT RUNNERS 16 timer siden
Prank the thief
Muhammad Ashraf Ibrahim
Muhammad Ashraf Ibrahim 16 timer siden
the hummer in gta is called patriot
Gay Scout Trooper
Gay Scout Trooper 17 timer siden
How dare you assume I brush my teeth 😤
JayJ_Playz 17 timer siden
Both my parents hate Chevrolet and I'm not sure why, because they look really reliable and don't take much to keep running :/
Diego P.
Diego P. 17 timer siden
Well, your Dad has class
S. Gautam
S. Gautam 17 timer siden
This is one of the best video to watch! Perfect.
Bhavik Arora
Bhavik Arora 17 timer siden
Dominic Maina
Dominic Maina 17 timer siden
I need one second a Kenyan
Puddin’ Tame
Puddin’ Tame 17 timer siden
I recommend blue dawn dish soap, it works great!
Hamed Naimyar
Hamed Naimyar 17 timer siden
I don’t have a car but I’m still a fan
RAHUL PLAYS 17 timer siden
Joseph D'anastasi
Joseph D'anastasi 18 timer siden
More driftstang videos pls
James Rawson
James Rawson 18 timer siden
I started watching this video cause I’m pretty sure my torque converter is messed up, but I just completely forgot that the driftstang is a manual. C’est la vie, still always nifty to watch and likely still helpful.
Joshua Poon
Joshua Poon 18 timer siden
Surely you can't start the engine while draining because you will run the water pump dry, right?
Pedro Velasquez
Pedro Velasquez 18 timer siden
The best one!! I start a project because watching his videos i lear a lot and give me confident to try and do it, im starting amd have 2k fallows ln ig. And i learn from chris videos awesome person and awesome videos you can se he really love what he does mechanic and teaching and helping people out!!! I did start thanks to chris!!!
Khreez Abella
Khreez Abella 18 timer siden
Wow your so heart full Chris
Andreas Alberto Juarez Ramos
Andreas Alberto Juarez Ramos 18 timer siden
Wait where’s the BLINKER FLUID
JordantheReal 1
JordantheReal 1 18 timer siden
Wait how would he know coolant taste sweet 👀😝
Darth Gamer
Darth Gamer 18 timer siden
Shouldn't have bought a Jag to begin with, Chris. Especially if you know if he's a selfless person and elderly.
M A C Reviews
M A C Reviews 18 timer siden
Me , nodding my head every second in this vid.
Wacey Zilth
Wacey Zilth 18 timer siden
Next you should installs Cammes on the driftstang
Jose Delao
Jose Delao 18 timer siden
I have a question on a 2004 Chevy Silverado exended cab 5.3L eng 1500 LS these it have a fuel filter I know there one in the gas tank that comes with the fuel pump if there is can you help me and tell me where it is
Logan Mancz
Logan Mancz 18 timer siden
is it me or did i see a kill switch on the right seat
سعيد العمري
سعيد العمري 19 timer siden
Always creative as your usual, and this video I liked very much and I wish you good luck and success and I wish your mother health, wellness and longevity, a beautiful gift that your most beautiful mother deserves, God bless you all
Patrick Carrillo
Patrick Carrillo 19 timer siden
I love Craftsman tools I still don't understand why Sears sold Craftsman Oh well they're in all stores now which is convenient My Dad is a huge Craftsman fan he has a ton of Craftsman tools from the 70s and they still work just fine
سعيد العمري
سعيد العمري 19 timer siden
Always creative, as usual, and this video liked me very much, and I wish you good luck and success. I wish your father health, wellness and longevity, a beautiful gift that your father deserves, God bless you all
samuelmdouglas 19 timer siden
My commodore is getting like this, sick of fixing things on it
Super Sam The incredible
Super Sam The incredible 19 timer siden
Im gonna pause it, im 1:31 into the video. Im gonna say its the pistons.
Paul Elm
Paul Elm 19 timer siden
Wat about E15
Jaxon Raymer
Jaxon Raymer 19 timer siden
You cannot even see what happening
Zorro 19 timer siden
1:26 - Dear ChrisFix, how did you get 2.5in shorter when the gap is quite clearly 2in shorter? 5.5 - 3.5 = 2
Debiprasanna Otta
Debiprasanna Otta 19 timer siden
hyundai i20
Debiprasanna Otta
Debiprasanna Otta 19 timer siden
coldogno7 19 timer siden
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 19 timer siden
4:15 No, it’s just hungry for common things people put in there
Brickz and Stickz
Brickz and Stickz 19 timer siden
He only really sold it to you for $300 cause he knew who you were and the fact that he would be in a video.
Nooby Killed You
Nooby Killed You 19 timer siden
You make life so much easier. Thanks !!!
KOLOROB KOLI 19 timer siden
Woooow amajin video